Hi, This is Luyu Huang. I'm a software engineer and game developer. I graduated from Jiangxi Normal University in Software Engineering and I have been a game programmer since 2016. I used to work on game programming for Legacy of Discord from September 2017 to January 2020, which is a popular game in 198 countries. Now I'm striving to become a distinguished programmer. I good at Lua, Python, Go, Linux, etc.

Summary and sharing always make people progress, so I built this site. This site is my personal tech blog, here I would like to write some posts about programming, algorithms, mathematics, etc. I love programming. To me, programming is an awesome endeavor. I am also interested in algorithms, mathematics, and game designing. In addition, I'm a young programmer, I'm still learning. So if you find a mistake in my posts, I would appreciate it if you point it out.