Luyu Huang
A back-end developer

Hi there, My name is Luyu Huang. I graduated from Jiangxi Normal University in 2017, majoring in Software Engineering. Now I’m a back-end programmer for game development. I mainly use Lua and C++, but I also use many other languages such as Python, Go, JavaScript, etc. I like video games, anime, playing the piano, and drawing. Moreover, I like programming, even though it’s a part of my job.

Here’s my blog, mainly about programming technology. I’ll write posts about programming, algorithms, mathematics, etc as a summary of my learning and work experience. If you found they’re helpful, feel free to let me know and I’ll be happy; if you find a mistake in my posts, I would appreciate it if you point it out.


I wrote some open source software in spare time.

  • VSCode-RSS vscode-rss An RSS reader embedded in Visual Studio Code
  • DWords2 DWords2 Show words as Danmaku on the screen to help you memorize them
  • Subsocks subsocks A Socks5 proxy that encapsulates Socks5 in other security protocols