2021 Annual Summary

I didn’t really do so many things in 2021 compared to last year, but at least I kept some good habits like learning English and doing LeetCode. The most important thing this year was I joined a big company, which was a major goal in the past few years. That means I left Beijing, a city I lived in for nearly 4 years since I graduated.

As I mentioned in the past annual summary, I have to accept that I am just an ordinary programmer, who regarded joining a big company as a major goal in the past years, while many excellent undergraduates joined a big company when they graduated, with even better salary. Instead of comparing with others, comparing with myself in the past is more practicable. So it’s important to go over the year and make a summary.


Go over the 2021 new year resolutions, I just finished some of those:

  • Keep learning English every day, including memorizing and reviewing words, reading articles, and practicing the listening skill.
  • Write weekly in English every week. (gave up since April)
  • Finish reading TCP/IP Illustrated.
  • Keep everyday Leetcode exercises.
  • Keep writing blogs, at least one post a month.
  • Learn at least one programming language (e.g. Rust).
  • Practice social skills. (I feel lonely even more)
  • Keeping exercises(running, push-up). (not running, just push-ups every day)


I read two books this year, about half of each. It’s much less than last year.

  • Finished reading TCP/IP Illustrated, Volume 1. Last year I read half of it.
  • Read near half of C++ Primer


  • Wrote DWords2, an upgraded version of DWords, and got 54 stars. Instead of a simple tool, it’s a useful software with some practical features.
  • Wrote 16 post on my blog.

In this year I have 243 contributions on Github.


It’s not easy to insist on creating outside of work. I do it because I love it. Maybe not too much, but I think I can hold on.


I did many LeetCode this year. I insist on doing daily exercise almost every day.


Someone asked me why did you do LeetCode every day, are you preparing for an interview? Well, you see those deep green dots in February, those days I was really preparing for interviews. But after that, I still kept doing it. I hope that will make me “smarter”, I mean, be more sensitive to code. Also, I hope that will enable me to always seize the opportunity.


I insist on memorizing words every day this year. Actually, I didn’t learn any new words, I was just reviewing old words on and on. It’s about three rounds of CET-6 words and four rounds of IELTS words.


I practiced listening and speaking skills on OpenLanguage. I also joined several times of English corner. I found that oral practice helps a lot and I’ll spend more time on it.

Something Happy

I have more leisure time this year. I visited Qinhuangdao in April. The weather was cold and clear and few visitors here; the coastal scenery was so beautiful.


I’d love to go there again if I have any opportunity.


Despite vaccinations, the pandemic has not gone. It’s not easy for us: we can’t commute freely, we have to face strict control policies and we must pay much attention to protect ourselves from the virus. This year I couldn’t even go home to celebrate the Spring Festival with my family. I hope the pandemic would go in the near future.

I hope I can keep learning and keep growing, and becoming better. I hope I’ll always be a kid who loves his life and work and is curious about knowledge.

Finally, I’d like to thank my family, coworkers, and friends for staying with me and giving me lots of help in the past year.

2022 is here. I wish you a very happy New Year.

2021 Annual Summary
Luyu Huang
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January 1, 2022
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